The Bang Boxes are fabricated from heavy duty steel and powder coated to stand up to rough treatment in LE applications. They exceed Type 3 magazine requirements and the newest ATF regulations for storage and transport.

The small footprint was designed specifically for your limited space availability, while holding the maximum allowable number of devices. The original Bang Box holds 2 full size smoke, gas, NFDDs (flash bangs), SFDDs, EATDs, 2 NONEL caps with 30ft. lead lines, or Explosive K9 training aids. The Big Bang Box holds 10 full size devices and comes with a Lexan insert to keep them secured, even with less than a full load-out.

If you are a law enforcement SWAT, EOD, Explosive Breacher, or K9 operator, Bang Box was designed with you in mind.

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Design and Concept - Patent # US8939282B2 2015
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